Contemporary Series


Contemporary Series

Vibraphone Mallets by SchlagKraft master mallets maker!


Made with pride and knowledge in Europe by SchlagKraft, in perfected superior quality.
Over 30 years of performing experience and many years of intensive material and sound research have resulted in these unique high quality Zivkovic professional mallets. Eight models to choose from, separated in three sound groups, with artists idea of sound in mind.  We use different hardness rubber cores and wrap them in order-made layers of various materials. Available on hand-selected, elasticity tested larger diameter cedar OR stronger, superior quality rattan handles. Wrapped in synthetic-blend yarn that is extremely durable with excellent behavior in contact with marimba bars. Zivkovic Series mallets can be sorted in three  sound groups:

Group one:  Mallets #1 & #2  that clear but tender in soft low register, with “earthy” sound perfect in weight and balance, this mallet WILL make any low bar ring and resonance

Group two: General performing models (mallets #3, #4, & #5) those are strong in projection, never too harsh, with ideal coverage of entire range of te 5 octave instruments

Group three:  Mallets #6 and #7. constructed for strong sharp cut through the orchestra,  clear projection and stil  bringing out that big strong fundamentals 

The weighted smooth-mood genius

SV-10 is the smoothest model of the series. Labelled as Medium-Soft, this mallet will cover the entire register, but its potential is best experienced in the mid-low range of the vibes.

Your general choice, all-rounder for vibes

SV-20 is a general performance mallet, perfect all-rounder for any situation. It is the first mallet choice that will cover almost every performance situation.

General, yet strong and clear contemporary solo mallet

SV-30 is labelled as a medium-hard mallet, and yes, it is an all-rounder, but for those who prefer a stronger, clearer sound.

Perfect choice for vibes in percussion ensemble and orchestral playing

SV-40 is labelled as „clear cut“, which is our preferred term for what other brands would name “hard-very hard“.