Silver Light, Aluminum


We have selected  20mm diameter head for aluminum, to have more mass. This gives our GAL-20 a unique  position as a bridge between synthetic and brass sound.  Yes, it is  metal, but at the same time very light and with a volume with moderate hardness.  For specific situation where metallic but never too harsh and always shiny light sparkle sound is  needed.  Our 20mm Aluminum heads will never be too loud, never to robust but always bring this light metallic sound with them.  This is an extra sound you will need at special occasions.

CROTALES  will have light and less  brassy sound, ideal for piano  and soft metallic  sound. Xylophone usage is not recommended.  

  • Total Length: 32 cm
  • Selected Rattan shafts: 8,5 mm
  • Weight: (single mallet) approx. 20g. +/- 1 gr.
  • Head Size: 20mm
  • Color: silver aluminum / sparkle silver yarn shaft wrap
  • Sound: Metallic Light, with a  slight touch of fundament

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