Golden Brass Heavy


Brass heads are classic among the glockenspiel,  starting with  Mozart’s  excerpts and going  anywhere, where clear metal sound with  fundament pitch  is needed. GBR-18 is the bigger of our two brass models, and just 3 mm bigger heads  make a huge difference.  Wherever the single clear rich  pitch with a long sustain is needed, this is the right place to use this mallet.  On Crotales  GBR-18 will also bring lot of fundament and  with approx 9-10 gramms more weight than GBR-15, it will „shake“ the bar or crotale perfectly, that you will get a long sustain combined with  clear fundament.   
GBR-18  brings more of that is typical  brass-on-metal glock sound,  and  your single stroke on crotale (or Glock bar) at the end of some musical phrase  will be the BEST served with this mallet.  Brass is much softer than a steel bars of the glockenspiel so  head will get slightly „beaten up“ with a years of usage, bringing you ideal form that fits 100% your performing angle.  No other mallets become so personal as Brass mallets after many years of usage.

CROTALES  very much recommended,  works perfect for slow single strokes on crotales.  Xylophone usage:  no go : -)   

  • Total Length: 32 cm
  • Selected Rattan shafts: 8,5 mm
  • Weight: (single mallet) approx. 30 gramm +/- 1 gr.
  • Head Size: 18mm
  • Color: golden brass / sparkle golden yarn shaft wrap
  • Sound: Metallic rich greasy, with a significant fundament

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