Cherry Red – Crisp & Clear


The sexiest mallets alive, – our  wonderfully crafted  GDU-25 is ideal mallet for  crisp and clear glockenspiel sound, for shinny Debussy sounds  where single notes need to shine through the impressionist sound picture. This is our all- time favorite, best sold and most-used  Glockenspiel mallet.  It  head is weighted with metal insert,  so even piano single strokes will have its own „pesante“ feeling and sound accordingly. 100% hand made on select Rattan, turned and glued,  with our traditionally  wrapped handle approx. 8mm under the head. Used in Top European Orchestras in Vienna and Rome,  –  GDU-25 is  our special beauty, that every orchestra musician needs in his Mallet bag.

CROTALES will sound rich and clear with this mallets as well.  Not recommended for xylophone.  

  • Total Length: 32 cm
  • Selected Rattan shafts: 8,5 mm
  • Weight: (single mallet)  approx. 25g. +/- 1 gr.
  • Head Size: 25mm
  • Color: cherry red / green yarn shaft wrap
  • Sound: General / Crisp and Clear

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