NJZ-1 Earthy Black

This is the softest mallet of the Zivkovic-series.  NJZ-1 is available on perfect thicker rattan or on 8.8mm strong, hand sanded cedar shafts. Constructed for soft but clear, strong, sound in low and medium register of the marimba. Its excellent weight is achieved without brass inserts. (Or any other inserts…)
We at Schlagkraft construct and order-made our cores and precisely determinate its weight.

Sound of NJZ-1 is dark, earthy and never too moody. It is tender, but clear. This mallet will bring also larger sized bars to ring (for example Yamaha 6000, or Malletech, Musser marimbas).
NJZ-1 is wrapped in black, extremely durable synthetic mixture Zivkovic-yarn, for minimalizing contact noise.

NJZ-1 is used mostly alone, but for some chorales or melodic lines in a right hand, will very well fit one or two NJZ-2. Interesting combinations for lot of deep volume and sound are achieved with a pair of NJZ-3 too. For example: 1-2-3-3 or 1-3-3-3 or 1-2-2-2.  Also excellent anywhere where clear strong and earthy sounding bass line is needed.

Once purchased, you will have this mallet forever, it is practically indestructible.

  • Weight: 59 g.
  • Head Size: 48 mm
  • Color: Earthy Black
  • Schlagkraft sound scale: 15