NJZ-4 Blue Strong General


Among three GENERAL models, e. g. mallets for overall playing on the instrument, (other would call this “medium“) model NJZ-4, is the central one. This is Zivkovic’s standard marimba mallet for general performance. We are speaking here about models number 3, 4, and 5, with NJZ-4 as the golden middle of that group. If you are going to buy one set of mallets only (two pairs) NJZ-4 should be the one to pick. NJZ-4 is THE model for overall performance, it covers entire range of the marimba, is very good in low register,  it has very good coverage of the highest octave and its perfection is general coverage of the instrument that work in most pieces ever written for marimba.
It has very similar hardness as NJZ-5, with just that little difference needed for more body and richness of sound in NJZ-4 and more “crispy” and attack in NJZ-5.
NJZ 4 is available on perfect thicker rattan or on hand sanded 8.8mm strong cedar shafts. It is ideal for clear strong attack on the entire range of the marimba, but never too harsh in high octaves.

NJZ-4 will well fit as top mallet with three NJZ-3s, or as bottom mallet with 3 NJZ-5s, or in a combinations; 3-4-4-5, or 4-4-5-5.  It has strong, rich sound, clear attack, is universal mallet for most performing situations. It is wrapped in extremely durable synthetic mixture Zivkovic-yarn, for minimalizing contact noise.

  • Weight: 42/43 g.
  • Head Size: 43 mm
  • Color: Strong Blue
  • Schlagkraft sound scale: 55