NJZ-5 Sky Blue, Clear Cut


Model NJZ-5 is the clearest one of „general” (medium) group of mallets.
We are speaking here about models number 3, 4, and 5, with NJZ-5 being the harder side of that group. NJZ-5 is excellent mallet for fast runs in middle and top register of the marimba where you need every single note to be clear, and to project well BUT at the same time has maximum possible fundamental and fullness of the sound (body). It will work perfectly in Scarlatti and other baroque transcriptions e. g. Bach violin concertos, but also in pieces like Ilijas.  (As top mallet or top three mallets, depending on hall and taste)  NJZ-5 is also a first choice with most solo concertos with the chamber or string orchestra. Zivkovic uses it for his marimba concertos most of the time in combination with one NJZ-4 in bass. This mallet does have a strong harder sound, but is just a tiny bit harder than NJZ-4. Therefore you can easily combine it with 4’s.
NJZ-5 is available on perfect thicker rattan, or on hand sanded 8.8mm strong cedar shafts. It is ideal for clear strong attack on the entire range of the marimba, with string projection and lot of body in high octaves of the marimba.

NJZ-5 will well fit as top mallet with three NJZ-4s, or in a combinations; 4-5-5-5, 3-4-4-5, or 4-4-5-5 and 4-5-5-6. It has strong, clear sound, distinct attack, is first choice for stronger, clearer sound. It is wrapped in extremely durable synthetic mixture Zivkovic-yarn, for minimalizing contact noise.

  • Weight: 42 g.
  • Head Size: 43 mm
  • Color: Sky Blue
  • Schlagkraft sound scale: 63