NJZ-6 Silver Sharp

Together with NJZ-7, this model called “NJZ-6 Silver Sharp” belongs to the harder side if the sound. Zivkovic series has three models for general performance (Nr. 3, 4 and 5) and two models for energetic, harsh cut through the orchestra or percussion ensemble, especially when marimba has a solo part in it.
In difference to most other models out there on the market, NJZ-6 WILL bring crisp and sharp sound BUT will also bring a lot of fundamental base note and suck out lot of sound from every wooden bar in high register. Use these mallets especially in right hand when you need to come through the big orchestra AND TO STILL HAVE SOME GOOD Sound of the marimba and not sounding like bad xylophone. Except for the lowest octave, NJZ-6 will bring lot if rich full sound but with veeery clear and strong, projection to the last row in the concert hall.
NJZ-6 is available on perfect thicker rattan, or on hand sanded 8.8mm strong cedar shafts. It is ideal for clear strong projection and lot of body in high octaves of the marimba.

NJZ-6 will well fit as top mallet with three NJZ-5s, or in a combinations 5-6-6-6, or 5-6-6-7, (in this one you have two NJZ-6 as two inside mallets for perfectly balanced two-mallets passages) It will cut through the hall like silver knife, there for its name. It is wrapped in extremely durable synthetic mixture Zivkovic-yarn, for minimalizing contact noise.

  • Weight: 40 g. (Rattan + 2gr. approx)
  • Head Size: 40 mm
  • Color: Silver Sharp
  • Schlagkraft sound scale: 75