Perfect choice for vibes in percussion ensemble and orchestral playing

SV-40 is labelled as  „clear cut“, which is our preferred term for what other brands would name “hard-very hard“.  Yes, it is a mallet for special occasions, when a really metal bar needs to be heard , to cut through the percussion ensemble, through those drums and marimbas around you…But,  despite its harsh and strong projection, this mallet will have more fundamental tone than most others you have played before, because of the head shape and size.  The THINKING  and sound approach for this mallet comes from a marimba-background, and  this is one of the reasons WHY it has a more  clear and good fundamental tone than any other „hard“ mallet  you have used before.  This  mallet is also perfect for  ragtime and a full-body sound on any 4 octave xylophone. Especially low quint-tuned bars will sound  wonderful. We love it😊  Wrapped with practically indestructable synthetic blend yarn.

Use it on its own, as a set of four SV-40,  or  combine  it with one SV-30 in the left hand. This will give you  more „smoothness“ in the lower register of the Vibraphone, while the general sound will remain crisp and projective.

  • Weight: 36g +/- 2g  (depending on rattan)
  • Head Size: 36 mm
  • Color: creamy white / yellow stich
  • Schlagkraft sound scale: 74-78

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