Sven Kiefer

Plays with SchlagKraft Mallets

Sven Kiefer

From Aluphone to cymbal

His persona?    Pure energy

His language?  Rhythm

His passion?     Lifting up, enthralling, and passing on his knowledge

Very early on, Sven Kiefer was fascinated by percussion sound and rhythm. A multipercussionist in the truest sense, he plays the marimbaphone, vibraphone, drums, hand pan, cajón, djembe and other electronic instruments, always with energy and passion.

He does not limit himself to one genre. Rather, he lets his fine sense for musicality act as his guide. This leads to constant new sonic creations with a unique and enticing quality.

Sven Kiefer sees authenticity as a key to his craftsmanship. His art of sound shaping flourishes not only when he plays solo but also when in concert with peers.

Sven Kiefer teaches at the Luxembourg federation of music called Union Grand-Duc Adolphe (UGDA) and shares his knowledge and passion with pupils of all ages. His precious experience as a pedagogue and musician enables him to develop new educative concepts and to run workshops.

Sven Kiefer works in collaboration with percussion manufacturers. He is supported by Adams Musical Instruments (NL) and Stagemusic (L) and Schlagkraft Mallets (A).