Texture Brown, General Hard


Material used for heads of XLP-27 is real miracle.  Its characteristics are closest to the ones of natural hard wood, with the advantage that this one is practically indestructible…  Yes, we won‘t sell too many of this model, since  once you purchase it, they holds FOREVER. After experimenting with three different sizes, we have selected  27mm diameter head as ideal general mallet.  XLP-27 is excellent choice for your large wind band or symphony orchestra where clear, woody and crisp sound is requested. Along with slightly softer XTF-25  this would make an perfect set for any xylophone gig.  Hindemith „Kammermusik“ or Gershwin’s „Porgy and Bess“  will sound great with XLP-27.  If conductor ask for less harsh sound, you always can get more „greasy and round“ with XTF-25. 
We at SchlagKraft love this mallet and will continue to produce it, despite the huge problems and  production costs in the manufacturing process of those unique heads.  XLP-27 is turned, sanded, waxed, built, completed and yarn wrapped, 100%  by hand in our workshop.

We at SchlagKraft recommend it for xylophone  only but you may try  it on CROTALES as well.

  • Total Length: 35,3 cm
  • Selected Rattan shafts: 8,5 mm
  • Weight: (single mallet) approx. 26g. +/- 1 gr..
  • Head Size: 27mm
  • Color: textured brown / light green yarn shaft wrap
  • Sound: Closest to the wood, cut through, with fundament, indestructible

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