The Art of Mallet Making
Built on Knowledge and Experience
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The Art of Mallet Making 

SCHLAGKRAFT (Schlag – Stroke, Kraft – Power) is German for “striking power” and this describes precisely our idea and our mission. SchlagKraft was created in 2018 with Sound in mind by one of the world’s leading Marimba and Percussion Concert Artist, Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic. Based in Vienna, Austria, the worlds music capital, after two years of product and material research we started to deliver to customers on Feb 21 st 2020. Our aim is to produce best possible sounding marimba, vibes and percussion mallets, a perfect balance between Sound and Craftmanship, combined in the ART of mallet making. Nebojsa spent over 25 years of his career actively thinking, constructing and developing marimba mallets, improving every detail possible – one by the time. Finally, this now can be done without any compromises, he is owner of SchlagKraft. Mallets are sanded, glued, built and sewed by hands of master mallet makers, and perfectly wrapped with 3D computer driven wrapping machine, designed and constructed after Nebojsas ideas by skilled mechanic and electronic engineers. We do not use materials we found in hardware stores… we construct, define and order made each component of our mallets. Build with sound in mind.

SchlagKraft – because sound matters!