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About SchlagKraft

In the history of mankind, almost every single invention, starting with the wheel and ending with todays new solar-energy solutions, has emerged and started out of emergency and need, spiced with some anger and a strong will.  Ancient Humans were tired of dragging goods around, so they invented a wheel, today humans have understood that oil and fossil sources of energy will destroy climate and future of their own kids, so they develop solar and hydro-power sustainable sources. 

Similar mixture of motivation, need, will and emergency, have created SchlagKraft. This is why SchlagKraft, despite it is rather small company, is independent, indestructible, focused on its goals and is solely about art and artisanship.

We are born with idea in mind to manufacture the best possible and exclusive professional mallets for all percussion instruments. Our first goal was to develop Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic’s signature mallets, based on his own ideas and his knowledge about sound, materials and ART of mallet making. We succeeded.  After precisely two years of  research and testing, on Feb 21st 2020, we released Zivkovic’s legendary Signature Marimba Mallets by SchlagKraft, now being produced with top quality materials, perfected in sound, feel and shape and better than ever.

What’s next?

SchlagKraft is continuing to develop further products. Next on our to-do list are high quality vibraphone mallets, mallets that will work on every instrument at every location, get most of the fundamental and not get destroyed and beaten up after 6 weeks…. Best yarn we already have: indestructible, almost no contact noise, – best yarn available.   We will investigate more, also invest $$$$, research, consult players and produce our own materials and components, exactly as we need them. We will NEVER compromise quality. Period.

Create with us

If you are a serious player who also think about sound and mallets, if you have your imagination and ideas about mallets, we invite you to get in touch with us, with Nebojsa, and exchange your thoughts on what perfect mallet should be.  We are ARTIST-owned company, from Artist for Artist, we LOVE what we do and we will deliver perfect mallets for Vibraphone, Glock and other instruments too.

And: guess what? We are based in Vienna: that very special place when it comes to percussive things like Vienna timpani, Classical Viennese Timpani Mallets and Classical snare Drum sticks…..
you WILL hear more  of  SchlagKraft in the years to come.  Stay in touch.

SchlagKraft – Because sound matters

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