Glockenspiel Mallets by SchlagKraft master mallets maker!


Our Orchestral series are hand made to perfection. Prototypes are year long tested by us, checked at concerts, and used in some top European orchestras. What is so unique with our orchestral Series? We care about every detail. We cut, sand, glue, measure, and wrap all by hand in our workshop.  We did not re-invented the mallet, but we added that little extra thought, extra care and passion into each single mallet.  It’s the ART of mallet making.
Some of our orchestral mallets will work on more than one instrument, including the crotales. Check our recommendations in a model description.

Cherry Red - Crisp & Clear

GDU-25 is ideal mallet for crisp and clear glockenspiel sound, for shinny Debussy sounds where single notes need to shine through the impressionist sound picture.

Strong Blue - Light touch

GPO-25 belongs to the lighter model of mallets so this allows you to hit stronger without any distortion.

Silver Light - Aluminium

We have selected 20mm diameter head for aluminium, to have more mass. This gives our GAL-20 a unique position as a bridge between synthetic and brass sound.

Golden Brass Light

GBR-15 is the smaller of the two brass models that Schlagkraft offers, – and surely the one used more. It is typical metal-on-metal glock sound, and it is a must, when such „Christmas“ glock is requested.

Golden Brass Heavy

Brass heads are classic among the glockenspiel, starting with Mozarts excerpts and going anywhere, where clear metal sound with fundament pitch is needed.