Xylophone Mallets by SchlagKraft master mallets maker!


Our Orchestral series are hand made to perfection. Prototypes are year long tested by us, checked at concerts, and used in some top European orchestras. What is so unique with our orchestral Series? We care about every detail. We cut, sand, glue, measure, and wrap all by hand in our workshop.  We did not re-invented the mallet, but we added that little extra thought, extra care and passion into each single mallet.  It’s the ART of mallet making.
Some of our orchestral mallets will work on more than one instrument, including the crotales. Check our recommendations in a model description.

Snow White General

XTF-25 is multifunctional allrounder mallet. Material of the head is heavier by nature, and among all duroplasts it is rather on the softer side.

Strong Blue - Light touch

XPO-25 is same head as our GPO-25 just with longer shafts that results in different balance and more practical usage on the xylophone.

Texture Brown - General Hard

Material used for heads of XLP-27 is real miracle. Its characteristics are closest to the ones of natural hard wood, with the advantage that this one is practically indestructible…

Black Ebony

Pure Xylophone sound. Best quality Ebony wood, purchased from traditional German string maker. Black Ebony heads are the heaviest and purest of the wood one can get.