Snow White General


XTF-25 is multifunctional allrounder mallet.   Material of the head is heavier by nature,  and among all duroplasts it is rather on the softer side.  This combination  of specific weight/hardness, make it the most suitable mallets for general usage. Due to weight of the head, the balance is clearly towards the top of the mallet.  This means, when playing it,  you will feel that „weight in the head“.
This, along with its hardness will produce strong, clear sound, with lot of fundament and „grease“  of the xylophone bar.
XTF-25 is harder than any hard rubber, but among plastic materials it is on the softer side.  Mallet will also produce very calm and smooth GLOCKENSPIEL sound, less metallic and more of a  tender texture. As all  mallets by SchlagKraft, it is 100% hand made on select Rattan, turned and glued,  with our traditionally  yarn wrapped handle, approx. 8mm  under the head.  

GLOCKENSPIEL  will sound rich and smooth with this mallet, very much recommended.    

  • Total Length: 35 cm
  • Selected Rattan shafts: 8,5 mm
  • Weight: (single mallet) approx. 30g. +/- 1 gr.
  • Head Size: 25mm
  • Color: snow white / orange yarn shaft wrap
  • Sound: General /  rich, greasy, binges out fundamental note

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