Strong Blue – Light touch


The lighter synthetic head,  easy to handle  especially for fast passages with lot of notes. This mallet will allow you to move quickly above keyboard while striking many notes in fast runs, without  getting into troubles with  messy garden of all to many mixed notes dazzling in your head.  Its best usage is shown in fast runs, e.g. anywhere where more notes per beat are requested.  GPO-25  belongs to the lighter  model of mallets so this allows you to hit stronger without any distortion.
Mallets works on several different instruments and is along with our Aluminum Head GAL, the lighter  model of all the entire glockenspiel series. 
As you are used from Schlagkraft, 100% hand made on select Rattan, turned and glued,  with our traditionally yarn wrapped handle approx. 8mm under the head. 

CROTALES as WELL as XYLOPHONE will  sound good with this mallets. In fact our Xylophone model XPO-25  uses a same Had just longer shafts.

  • Total Length: 32 cm
  • Selected Rattan shafts: 8,5 mm
  • Weight: (single mallet) approx. 22g. +/- 1 gr.
  • Head Size: 25mm
  • Color: strong blue / dark blue yarn shaft wrap
  • Sound: General /  Light, with a  touch of fundament

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