NJZ-3 Lilac Tender General


Zivkovic-Series Mallets have three GENERAL models, e. g. mallets that one pick for overall playing on the instrument.  For “normal, standard” sound (other would call this “medium“)  In that group of most frequently used mallets, he has THREE different models, with differences in sound smaller than it normally would be from one model to another. This gives you more options, and allows you to more easily combine those models with each other. General group are models NJZ-3, NJZ-4 and NJZ-5, with NJZ-3 being the “tender side” of that group. NJZ-3 is good for overall performance, covers entire range of the marimba, excellent in low register, and very good coverage of the highest octave. If you generally prefer tenderness in marimba sound, yet very clear and with decent projection, this is your model to grab first.
Available on perfect thicker rattan or on hand sanded 8.8mm strong cedar shafts. NJZ-3 is ideal for more clearly strong attack in low register, but still without distracting overtones. Its head (core) is lighter than at NJZ-1 & 2s, so mallet has excellent rebound and feel, especially keeping in mind that independent (Stevens) grip players will hold it with two fingers left hand, for example in combination with three NJZ-4s.

NJZ-3 will well fit as bottom mallet with 3 NJZ-4s, or in a combination 3-4-4-5. NJZ-3 has full round sound, tender but clear attack, wrapped in extremely durable synthetic mixture zivkovic-yarn, for minimalizing contact noise.

  • Weight: 46-47 g.
  • Head Size: 45 mm
  • Color: Bordeaux (we know it is not lilac, but we like it as lilac field…)
  • Schlagkraft sound scale: 40-42