NJZ-MT Cloud White, Multi-tone mallet


NJZ-MT is a model that represents a group on its own.
It is specialty mallet for special requirements. By the way how it is constructed and built, model MT (multi-tone) covers different hardness’s. When played in soft dynamics, MT will give soft, wooly, cloudy sound and be tender, very similar to NJZ-2, but with less “body” due to its lighter weight.
By increasing dynamic, the hard inner core of the mallet will gradually came through and sound will become harder. By reaching fortissimo dynamic level, you will get hardness similar to model NJZ-6, but again, with less body of the bar.
NJZ-MT model is best possible compromise between full marimba sound in nice soft playing, and strong hard fortissimo strokes, so you can bring it both sounds WITHOUT CHANGING A MALLETS.
In standard performing situation, when playing on average mezzoforte dynamic, it will bring a sound considered rather “soft”, but as soon as dynamic increase, the hard core is coming out.
Use this model also, where any sudden change of the hardness is required. (Second movement of T. Tanaka “Two movements for marimba” for example) NJZ-MT will logically cover entire range of the
5-Octave marimba, but not in every dynamic. Higher octaves will better work in forte where hard sound get through it, and lower dynamics will be better in low register.
NJZ-MT Available on perfect thicker rattan, (NJZ-MTR) or on hand sanded 8.8mm strong cedar shafts.
NJZ-MT is in its nature very specific mallet, with graduate change of the hardness, so it does not easily blend with other standard mallets, but you could use NJZ-2 in a bass.
It is wrapped in extremely durable synthetic mixture Zivkovic-yarn, for minimalizing contact noise.

  • Weight: 39 g. (Rattan + 1-2gr. approx)
  • Head Size: 42 mm
  • Color: Cloud White
  • Schlagkraft sound scale: 25 to 75 (hardness increase with dynamic)